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Alberta Environmental Rubber Products Puts Scrap Tires to Good Use

Found in products and installations around the world, rubber crumb from Alberta Environmental Rubber Products provides safe and eco-friendly solutions for various industries. Using cutting-edge technology, AERP converts scrap tires into materials that are used in everything from playgrounds, roofing products and athletic tracks. Our rubber crumb was even used at the weightlifting venue of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

Create Better Products with Our Clean & Pure Rubber Material

AERP will help you provide better products to your customers while also minimizing waste and protecting our environment. We redirect nearly 15,000 tons of scrap tires away from landfills each year and transform them into useful products. The versatile rubber crumb we pass along to use is clean and pure, devoid of most steel and fibre contaminants.

Why Discard When You Can Recycle?

We work hard to make communities cleaner and safer. Consider that hundreds of millions of used tires are discarded in North America’s landfills each year. Because these tires virtually never degrade, valuable space is taken up in already over-burdened landfills. The threat of tire fires, which are very difficult to extinguish, is always present.

If you would like a safe, fall-absorbing material for your playground or a versatile product for your manufacturing facility, we have your solution. Schedule your consultation today.

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