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Alberta Environmental Rubber Products

About Us

Over 20 Years of Recycling Tires into Useful Products

Alberta Environmental Rubber Products turns a problem into a valuable commodity. We take the problem of unusable scrap tires and turn them into versatile rubber crumb that is used as a key component in the manufacture of high-grade rubber products. Research and development is an integral part of our operation and key to identifying new markets. We will work with your company or organization to match your needs and find new and innovative uses for our ground rubber crumb.

Our Company

Incorporated in 1992 and wholly owned by Albertans, AERP is Alberta’s largest scrap tire recycling company. Our company was created as a direct result of environmental policy initiatives of the Government of Alberta. We work closely with the government to ensure that your discarded tires continue to provide future benefits across the province. We collect, transport and process scrap tires from across the province.

Our Business

Our state-of-the-art processing plant in northwest Edmonton produces a variety of high quality rubber products from shred to rubber crumb. We have become the industry leader through proprietary production techniques, consistently high standards and stringent quality control measures. Our innovative approach has allowed us to develop markets and sell processed material around the world.

We are committed to providing the highest quality of products and services while also recognizing the four R’s hierarchy of waste management – reduce, reuse, recycle and recover. AERP prides itself on generating an absolute minimum of waste. All output is designed for a specific use – nothing is incinerated.

Our Markets

From the weightlifting venue at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, to the training venue for the 2001 World Track and Field Championships in Edmonton, AERP’s ground rubber crumb is a key component in the manufacture of many high-grade rubber products used around the world. Our versatile materials are used in playgrounds, athletic tracks and fields and a wide range of manufactured products.

The varied clients of AERP include:

  • Manufacturers
  • Parent committees
  • School committees
  • Oilfield companies
  • Contractors
  • Government agencies
  • Industrial companies
  • Commercial companies
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